How To Choose The Right Custom Connectors

29 Jul

Custom connectors are available for a variety of applications today. There are pogo pin connectors, waterproof connectorsPCB connectors and much more available in the market depending on different industrial needs. Let us see in details about how you can choose the right custom connectors depending on various factors.

custom connectors

 Application of the custom connectors

This is the most basic and logical consideration. Where will the connector be used? Will it be used for heavy-duty operations or for smaller electronic applications? Depending upon that, choose its design and specifications.

 Electrical Specifications of the custom connectors

The electrical specifications like current, voltage, resistance, EMI, RFI, grounding, signal speed, etc. must be checked while buying. This data is available on the data sheets and manufacturers manuals, so you can check this easily.

 Mechanical Specifications of the custom connectors

The mechanical parameters like contact resistance, number of mating and un-mating cycles, insertion or extraction force and similar ideal mechanical conditions must be considered.

 Safety and Control Requirements for the custom connectors

The custom connectors need to meet safety approvals from the specific agencies and environmental regulatory requirements. These agencies test and certify the products for meeting all safety requirements.

 The environment in which custom connectors will be used

In which environment will the connectors be used? Are they going to be used in harsh environments with high temperatures, shocks, vibrations and pressures? Choose accordingly.

 Manufacturing and Assembly

How will the connector be assembled and will undergo which manufacturing process? Look at these details before buying.

When you invest your money, be wise and choose wisely. Also, after all the above criteria meet, then look at the best brand for best your product. Quality products will always be durable and profitable for the long term. For buying all kinds of custom connectorscustom cable assemblies, plugs, sockets, etc. Adam Tech is the one place solution. They manufacture and supply world-class products in most parts of the world. They cover continents like North and South America, Asia, Europe, Middle East, etc. All their products are certified and recognized. So, for any of your requirement, visit their website once and have a look at the quality products.

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