Improve connectivity with the help of Pogo Pins

17 Jun

The increasing requirement of quality interconnects for various types of electronic applications has been successfully fulfilled by spring loaded connectors. The robustness of spring-loaded connectors makes them useful even in working conditions where vibrations are involved. The spring-loaded connectors or pogo pins provide a precise and highly reliable interconnect solution for a range of electronic applications. 

Pogo Pins

Pogo pin is a metallic device used to establish a contact between two printed circuit boards. It consists of two spring-loaded pins, when pressed the sharp ends of pins will connect the two circuit boards together.

Because of the various advantages of pogo pin connectors, they are preferably used in various types of industries such as industrial automation, medical, telecommunication, and military. Especially the applications in fields such as medical and military require high degree of precision and quality, the waterproof connectors are proved to be highly effective. The rigorous testing has proved that pogo pin connectors are highly reliable in harsh working conditions. 

The basic purpose of using the pogo pins is to have a reliable contact in electronic circuits. The use of these connectors in medical and military applications requires them to operate precisely. So, one must ensure the quality of the product before buying them. 

The advantages of using SLC (spring loaded contact):

  1.  SLC’s or spring-loaded contact devices also called as pogo pins can be used for uneven mating surfaces.
  2. Pogo pin connectors are useful in blind mating applications where the connector needs to make a contact with circuit board land.
  3.  They are easy to use.
  4.  They are highly useful where engineers are required to have solderless interconnections.

At Adam Tech, we are committed to providing high-quality connectors such as pogo pins and cable assemblies to our customers. We promise you the best of the products at affordable prices. The quality standards that we maintain during design and manufacturing of the products help us to deliver the best of the products to our clients from all around the world. At Adam Tech, we make sure that our products are free from any kind of hazardous material which will cause damage to the environment. We assure you best of the services through our various offices worldwide. 

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